I recently came across a new brand of nail polish that has quickly become a staple! Usually early in the year I gravitate towards black nails, but I am currently obsessed with rich jewel tones and warm greys and taupes. Zoya has a wonderful selection and their dark purple, neutrals and holiday reds are on repeat this month.

My nail routine starts with clean, filed and buffed nails. I always use a nutrient-rich cuticle oil or balm, especially in the winter as my nail beds get dry! A quick dry base is essential as it will keep your nail polish from bleeding over the edges and will help it last longer.  Here I am using Zoya’s Naked Manicure Naked Base as I love how quickly it dries!

If I am using a lighter color, I will often put on their Perfector as well – it neutralizes the tone of your nails and makes the color more even – if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing polish but want a very clean look, their Perfector is great! Follow by adding polish, letting it dry and finish with a Glossy Base.

This is my go-to color of the moment, Zoya's "Margo", as it’s relatively neutral for a purple and I love that in winter. It’s dark enough to be elegant and wintery, but has a vibrant, warm hue.

Happy shopping!