This is one of my favorite cocktails to serve in the Fall and Winter as it has all these festive Autumnal flavors reminiscent of a Hot Toddy, yet maintains a fun, bright sparkle of Ginger Beer and Champagne that’s perfect for holiday gatherings and elegant soirées. When we were opening Tom Tom I knew we had to have a cocktail named after my mother’s hilarious line on Vanderpump Rules and, thus, the Kentucky Muffin was born! Enjoy it at home or by visiting Tom Tom!


Served in: Coupe or Martini Glass

Garnish with: Bee pollen (click here to purchase) & a Marigold Flower


1.5 oz. Bourbon (only 1 oz if you like it a bit lighter/sweeter)

1 oz Wildflower Honey (or regular honey in a pinch!)

0.5 oz Lemon Juice

1oz Ginger Beer

1oz Champagne


1.     To rim your glass with bee pollen, take a small brush (or paper towel) and smear the side of the glass lightly with honey. Add a touch of bee pollen (not a lot!) to a fine sieve and dust it over the side of the glass. Shake it off.

2.     Add the Bourbon, Wildflower Honey and Lemon Juice to a shaker. Fill the shaker ¾ full with ice.

3.     Shake vigorously.

4.     Pour the Ginger Beer and Champagne into the shaker and stir gently once.

5.     Strain into the coupe glass.

6.     Garnish with a flower.

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