This is such an elegant hors d’oeuvre to share with your guests and perfect for summer entertaining. Tiny slices of fresh salmon are rolled into chic little flowers, filled with avocado and cucumber and topped with caviar … they are bite-size, light and delicious.

This idea can be so versatile in flavor as well. Play around with the flavors you wrap inside your salmon. We’ve tried rolls filled with wasabi and minced ginger, green onions and a dollop of crème fraîche, avocado and cucumber, jicama … you name it!

If you don’t have access to fresh raw sushi grade salmon, you can use smoked salmon! It’s slightly richer in flavor but delicious!


Makes 10-15

1 Sushi Grade salmon fillet, sliced with the grain into thin slices of sashimi (you can ask the seafood counter to do this for you, or buy pre-prepped salmon sashimi)

1 lemon slice

½ avocado

1 cucumber, skinned and deseeded then sliced into very thin pieces about an inch long.

Salt & Pepper

2 tbsp crème fraîche

Black caviar (you can find this in a variety of types and prices)


1. In a bowl, mash the avocado, then mix with the crème fraîche and squeeze the lemon over the mix. Add a tiny sprinkle of salt and pepper, to taste.

2. Lay out each slice of salmon. Place one sliver of cucumber and a tiny dollop of the avocado mixture in the middle, then roll the salmon around it.

3. Top with caviar.

4. Either serve on a small tasting spoon, or use little toothpicks to secure your rolls!