This is a great cocktail for someone who doesn’t like anything too sweet or constructed. If you know anyone who loves simple spirits on the rocks, and want to spice it up with a festive element, this is your drink! This drink uses an extremely basic addition to simple liquor and can actually work really well with alternate types of bases - you can try switching out the herb you use, as well as the spirit



 3 oz Bourbon

Sage & Honey Syrup (to taste - recipe below)

Orange Peel (make sure not to get the white pith as it’s bitter!)

Sage leaves for garnish

Sage & Orange Ice Cubes


1.     To make the ice cubes, fill an ice cube tray with water. Drop chopped sage into each cube. Express the oils from the peel by holding it over your ice cube tray and giving it a good squeeze/twist. Cut up the peel and put one or two pieces in each cube. Freeze.

2.     Add the bourbon and ice to a martini pitcher.

3.     Drizzle in some of the honey syrup, to taste.

4.     Stir slowly, at least 20 times.

5.     Pour into a snifter.

6.     Express the oils from the peel by holding it over your glass and giving it a good squeeze/twist.

7.     Garnish with the peel and sage leaves


Combine 1 cup Water and ½ cup Honey into a small saucepan. Add in fresh sage, about 10-15 leaves.  Bring slowly to a boil and, right before it boils, lower it to a simmer. Simmer for 15 minutes until infused – then pour into a jar and let cool. Remove the sage leaves before use.