Roasted Honey Pears with Prosciutto & Goat Cheese

These delicious little flavor-bombs are great for any event. The perfect combination of sweet and salty; these roasted pears are such a delightful treat. I love that they’re so easy to make but are unusual and beautiful – a great way to impress your guests with minimal effort!



1.     Preheat the oven to 375˚

2.     Place the pear halves in a large bowl. Coat lightly with honey and sprinkle each one with a touch of cinnamon.

3.     Place the pears (skin side up) on a cookie sheet. Roast for approx. 15 minutes until softened but not mushy.

4.     Remove from the oven and let cool for a few minutes.

5.     Fill each pear with about 1 tbsp of goat cheese.

6.     Top with a large piece of Prosciutto, loosely folded.

7.     Garnish with rosemary, pine nuts and black pepper.



Ripe pears, washed, cored and halved



Goat Cheese

Prosciutto, paper thin

Pine nuts, to garnish

Fresh rosemary

Black Pepper

*** The quantity of each ingredient depends on how many pears you make. In general, count on 1 tbsp of Goat Cheese and 1 piece Prosciutto for each pear half. ***

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