Traveling, unless it’s to a tropical island for a vacation, is never as easy as you’d like it to be. Getting to and from the airport, going through security, biding time in a bland, clinical terminal… none of it screams luxury. After traveling over 250,000 miles in the last two years launching LVP Sangria worldwide, I like to think I have my travel routine down pretty much to a T. There’s nothing worse than running late to the airport, having your carry on in such a state of disarray that you can’t find anything on the plane, and spending precious minutes trying to sort your self out instead of trying to settle back and relax prior to takeoff (especially if you’re a nervous flyer!). Here are some of my tips for facing the airport and making your travel just a little more luxurious. 

Get TSA ready. This is my #1 priority when traveling as I am usually coming or going to a meeting on either side and don’t want to feel frazzled. It only takes a few minutes to prepare for it, and I find that if I am ready for TSA, it makes going through security so much easier. Have a small clear pouch or Ziploc with your liquids, wear shoes and outerwear that are easy to slip off (and wear tights or socks because that floor is icky!), fold any scarves/gloves/hats etc into your tote while in the security line so you don’t have to do it while at the conveyer. The more prepared you are, the more you’ll appreciate it (and so will the people behind you!). 

Organize and Compartmentalize. I always fill my carry on with smaller travel bags, instead of just letting all my items float around in my purse. If you find a gorgeous travel set, you can organize all of your items with ease. Inside my tote I have a little bag for travel necessities (hand sanitizer, headphones, lip balm, moisturizer, a phone charger and travel charger etc), a little bag for the beauty and relaxation essentials below, and a little pouch that contains pens and pencils as I usually work on the plane. Whatever it is that you like to do on the plane, make sure your bag is organized for the most ease and accessibility possible!

Relaxation & Beauty Essentials. Even when taking a short flight and headed to meetings, my plane ride is made infinitely better if I can treat it like a time to relax and regroup. I always take a few spa-related items with me so that I can spend a few minutes relaxing. A lip balm, a hair tie, a great hand moisturizer, and a rich eye cream are essentials, as flying makes me very dry! My go to treat is a wonderful essential oil balm – dab it under your nose and on your temples for instant calm. On longer flights, I fly makeup free and put on either an intense moisturizer or a face mask then add a touch of makeup before disembarking!

Pashmina Shawl. I love traveling with a Pashmina shawl. They are incredibly versatile and something you never want to leave home without.  Wrap it around your shoulders when you get a chill on the plane, wear it as a scarf when landing in a cooler clime, roll it up and use it as an extra pillow on the flight, or wrap it around your shoulders at dinner and drinks upon landing… either way, this is the most multi-functional item I travel with.

Foldaway Flats & Thick Socks. I always keep a pair of folding flats in my carry on – they can be an instant saving grace when you realize your feet are exhausted and swollen after a day traveling. And the socks? Take your shoes off when you board and not only will you have something fluffy and luxurious to put on - you won’t have to walk around the dirty plane barefoot!

Hair Essentials. As I am often headed straight out from the airport, I always travel with 3 hair essentials that make life so much easier. Dry shampoo – as always, this is a must. Hair always gets greasy on a plane and it’s an easy refresher! A mini hairdryer – a lifesaver in the bathroom when you realize your airplane-static hair has flat bangs and flyaways. And a static-control hairspray – the seats in airplanes will put so much static in your hair that it’s the only way to make it behave!

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