I have never blogged before. To be honest, I have always approached the subject of blogging with a pinch of salt and a hint of mocking. Blogging to me has always resonated with a touch of vanity, left to the narcissists of the world. However, that said, I have tiptoed over the line separating the sane from the vain and have landed (albeit not without a few bumps and bruises) in this unknown cyber world of my own self-indulgence. So, here goes!

I am, essentially, an old-fashioned girl in a new-fangled world and fitting all of the things that I want to do into my over-full life today is never easy. I want a career. I want a home. I want to cook fantastic food and take care of my husband. I want to make money unashamedly. I want to drink rich, deep, beautiful wines.  I want to be a good friend. I want to make the perfect gin martini. I want to live wonderfully and fabulously without caring what I spend on anything. I want to try new restaurants and cook new food. But most importantly, I want to do all that when I get home late from work and live on a budget. Easier said than done.

I like to think I have achieved a certain balance in my life that I am proud of. My life isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t hesitate to say that I am sowing the seeds for a beautiful future. I work hard and, yes, unfortunately my job doesn’t stop when I close that West Hollywood office door, but encroaches slowly and unapologetically on the rest of my life. And yet, when I get home I still make an effort to cook dinner, pour a glass of wine and give the love of my life something to look forward to every evening. As I said, I want a home.

I think young people nowadays don’t realize that they can have it all. They are content to pick an alley and stick to it, without allowing themselves even an attempt at perfection. Some venture into the unknown, dreary world of an all-pervasive job. They get home and are so tired that they curl up into a ball without ever trying to maintain some sort of home life. Others get home from work and find it necessary to drink themselves silly in order to relax (not that I have anything against drinking yourself silly!). Even more want to entertain but don’t have the money to do so. I wish I encountered more people my age who manage successfully to integrate old-fashioned ideals, like a home-cooked dinner with your friends and family, into a day already chock-full of tasks, stress and loose ends.

And so, indulge me in my new narcissistic world. I am content to post here occasionally as a journal of how I try and balance my career, my love, my home and my attempt at being economical. I will write about how I entertain, how I cook, how I travel, how I love, how I drink and how I do all this without severely depleting my bank balance.

If people enjoy it, then fantastic—I’ve been told a narcissist loves approval. If not, well, at least I have a way to remember my own recipes. And so, without further ado…