As seen in Condé Nast Traveler HERE

What's the first thing…

…you do at the airport?

I don't go for hundreds of magazines, but I like to buy Vanity Fair because it's always a really good read.

…you do in a hotel room?

I always set everything up in the bathroom straight away. I hate the fact that most hotels don't have good makeup light, and for me when traveling, that's a pain. I always have a good size vanity mirror that travels. The makeup mirrors without natural light is a real problem.

…you unpack?

I always have jewelry with me, so I always look for the safe, even if I just have a change of watch or rings—they go straight to the safe instead of leaving them in bags.

What's the last thing…

…you do in a hotel room?

I always check all of the drawers. You just forget that you unpack things. I'm getting much better at that now—I'm so organized. I always take the jewelry out last, that's a big one; I've been known to leave things in the safe. I normally get ready just before I leave, so makeup and all of that go in last.

…you do before leaving a destination?

I try to do things you can't do anywhere else. In Bora Bora, for instance, I wouldn't spend my time having a massage—I can have that anywhere. I would swim in the lagoon or have a picnic or take a boat trip or something really that you can't replicate anywhere else.