There is nothing better than a summer spent outside, relaxing, entertaining and genuinely enjoying yourself. Here are the top 5 things I can’t go without this summer in my garden… will they be in yours?

1.     A large glass cocktail pitcher. Summer is the time to make gorgeous and delectable cocktails in mass quantities. We love a traditional Pimm’s Cup, fresh fruit sangria, basil margaritas, or simple strawberry lemonade. Display them in an elegant pitcher, or a beautiful oversized glass bowl with a ladle, and you’ll spruce up a garden soirée in no time.  


2.     Beautiful garden drinking glasses. Summer should really be spent entirely in the garden. Make sure that your garden-ware is up to the endless summer nights of entertaining. Vintage glass, colored glass, large goblets—make a statement with original and inexpensive garden glasses that will wow your guests and not be too expensive to replace if they break! And always have plastic glasses for children, never trust them with glass!!!

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3.     A gorgeous picnic blanket. There is nothing better than a beautiful, sturdy, comfortable picnic blanket. Throw yourself a romantic garden dinner and lie back on a knit blanket. Take it with you to the beach or your fireworks viewing party. Any way you want to use it, a beautiful blanket is always useful.

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4.     Hurricane lamps. Candles always make for memorable, twinkling evenings outdoors. Hurricane lamps, glass cylinders that hold your candles, always look beautiful and stop your candles from winking out in the summer breeze. If you can’t find a hurricane lamp, place your candles in vases and surround them by pebbles. Group together large candles outside in gorgeous summer colors like mint green, turquoise, white, bright pink and peach. Opt for a mosquito-repellent smell and kill two birds with one stone.

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5.     A garden sanctuary. Create a relaxing, calming, personal area on your patio or in your garden. Be it an old wooden and twine swing or an overly-comfortable outdoor reading chair, invest in a garden refuge that is yours and yours alone.  You will love escaping to your sanctuary to kick back and enjoy the summer sun.

Photo Courtesy of Ad Week Magazine

Photo Courtesy of Ad Week Magazine

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