About two years ago I fell in love with Eyelash Extensions, and I've never looked back!  I've found, as I travel so much for work, that I've become addicted to how easy they make my morning. It's amazing to not have to put on eye makeup when I travel, or to have to worry about using false eyelashes or individual eyelashes for events (although I still use them when filming, as you need that extra pop!) - it gives me one less thing to worry about while getting ready and they look great! I found Noir Lash Lounge about a year ago and I was stunned by how easy they make the process, how quickly they work, how natural and amazing the lashes look... and best of all, they're much more affordable than most other companies! They have locations all over the US, so if there's one by you I would check it out!

How long do they last for? I have found that mine last for about 3 1/2 weeks! I get them filled about once a month, and then have a new set put on. 

How long do they take? Most of the places I went to before Noir Lash Lounge took about 3 hours minimum - I was surprised when I went to Noir as it hasn't really taken longer than 1.5 hours for a full set and only about 45 minutes for my fills! 

Are they comfortable? Once they're on, I barely notice them! They're much more comfortable than strip lashes and you don't have to worry about that heavy lidded feeling. 

Do they require upkeep? You have to brush them with a little clean Mascara Wand, to keep them from getting tangled - I also love Noir's Lash Potion as it keeps them on longer! Also - try not to sleep on your face :)

Any don'ts? Yes! Make sure to use oil free makeup removers (oil will take these guys right off!) and don't use mascara! If you need a mascara fix, check out Noir Lash Lounge's mascara - it's oil free and won't affect your lashes!

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