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My trees are overflowing with fresh blood oranges this Spring and I am obsessed! I love to make decadent beauty recipes out of whatever fruit I have in my garden – and this is one of my favorites! Use it as a hand, foot or lip scrub to freshen up your skin and lips as the weather warms up. Just remember to follow with a deep moisturizer or lip balm any time you use a scrub!

This also makes a fantastic hostess gift for all those Springtime soirées!


2 cups white sugar

Juice from 1 blood orange

½ cup olive oil

1 tsp vanilla essence


1.     Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl. If the consistency is too watery, add a bit more sugar – you want it to be slightly crumbly.

2.     Add to an airtight mason or jam jar and put in your bathroom for a week’s worth of delicious smelling spa treatments!